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Date Posted:1 September 2021 

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Apple's range of iPhone 12 smartphones introduced the MagSafe magnetic charging system for quick and easy charging of the phiones via a flat disc charger. RAM Mounts have taken this technology and created a range of compatible mounts that allow the charging dics to be embedded into the holder surface. There are currently two options available -

1. Magnetic only mount kits that are for use in closed cockpit situations such as cars, trucks, utes , etc.

2. Embedded mount kits that grip the phones for use in closed and open cockpit situations such as motorcycles, ATVs, cars, trucks, utes, etc.

The open mount is built around the round plate adapter which relies on the MagSafe magnets to secure the phone in place. The round plate adapter has a 1" B Size Rubber Ball that allows connection to the full range of B Size RAM Mounts components. When attached to optional B Size mounts, the round plate adapter can be rotated and locked into the desired position so the phone is always in the same orientation when attached to the mount. 

The grip mount is an evolution of the popular Quick-Grip cradle. It employs custom top and bottom cups that hold the phone in place when laced in the cradle. The top cup is spring loaded and allows for a single handed insertion and removal of the phone. The MagSafe charging disc is fittedunderneath a backing plate  and is therefore not visible when there is no phone mounted in the cradle. The charging disc recess is adjustable to allos for the different sized iPhone models. This is to endure the MagSafe charging disc orients perfectly with the magnets on the phone. 

RAM Mounts have released a number of pre-built kits with the Round Plate Adapter and the Quick-Grip holder. We will also have the adapter and the cradle on their own so that you can build your own custom kit to suit your particualr application. 

The MagSafe charging disc is not included but can be purchased seperately from Apple authorised resellers. Please note, only the RAM Mount components are compatible with the genuine Apple MagSafe charging disc. 

We also have a range of high quality ROKFORM Magsafe compatible mounts for use in vehicles. The ROKFORM mounts cannot charge the phones but have powerful neodymium magnets to hold your phone. 

The full range of Magsafe compatible mounts are available here

As always, give us a call or send us an email if you need any help in designing the perfect mount solution. 

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