Effect of Vibrations on Smartphone Cameras (OIS)

Date Posted:4 April 2021 

Effect of Vibrations on Smartphone Cameras (OIS) main image Effect of Vibrations on Smartphone Cameras (OIS) image

In recent years, the technology in smartphone cameras has evolved to match or better point and shoot photographic cameras. However, one issue that has also arisen is the fragility of the optical image stabilisation systems these tiny cameras use and their susceptibility to damage when rigidly mounted on a motorcycle. 

Part of the enjoyment of riding a motorcycle is the feeling of the engine vibrating through the handlebars and the whole chassis. However, between a certain frequency band, these vibrations may damage the sensitive optical image stabilisation components of your smartphone rendering the camera inoperative.   

RAM Mounts feature rubber coated balls that offer some protection against vibration but the best option in our range is the SP Connect Anti Vibration Module that reduces up to 60% of the vibrations that could affect the mechanical, optical image stabilisation. 

SP Connect | Anti Vibration Module

Our Ultimateaddons tough cases have a thick silicon rubber inlay that cradles the phone inside the case and this also offers some protection against engine vibrations. 

Please note, none of these systems are foolproof and the riding conditions together with the configuration of the motorcycle will also play a role in the amount of vibrations and their intensity. Even when using these vibration reduction systems, damage may still occur to optical image stabilisation systems under certain situations and this is not covered by the mount manufacturer.

For the best riding experience, we strongly recommend a dedicated motorcycle GPS navigator that is purpose built to be weatherproof, vibration resistant, glove friendly and with an integrated cradle that keeps it powered for your whole journey. Check out the range of Garmin zumo motorcycle GPS products at our sister site MotoGPS AU here.

Alternatively, use a non-optical image stabilised phone as your navigation device on your motorcycle. 

The issue of vibrations is not limited to motorcycles. Mountain bikes also suffer from heavy impacts and vibrations and it is highly recommended that the SP Connect Anti Vibration Module is also used for this application. 


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